About Us

Our Story

DaraPay is a wholly owned subsidiary of Canadia Investment Holding for the purpose of operating a mobile wallet and payments business in Cambodia.

Our Vision and Mission

Vision: To be the currency of choice for day-to-day payments and transactions.

Mission: DaraPay revolutionizes day-to-day finances by providing a fast, secure and convenient payment ecosystem that creates value and gives peace of mind.

Core Value

DaraPay is a Cambodia financial services company which focuses to provide remittance (Wei Luy) and merchant payment services to the customers. Our Core Values are:

1. Dynamic – stays ahead of the curve in terms of function, design and technology
2. Empathetic – shares and understands the needs of customers, agents and merchants
3. Trustworthy – reliable and here to stay
4. Responsive – provides excellent, proactive and consistent service to customers, agents and merchants
5. Passionate – takes pride in the company’s mission and works together to achieve it

License for carry out “Payment Service Provider” (PSP)

Authorizes Canadia Mobile Money Plc. to provide Payment Services.

Product & Service

DaraPay Agents

The Agencies located in Cambodia. Please contact us.

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